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    Any studies on Tren and human use?

    Have there been any authoritative studies on Tren and the effects it has on the human body? Namely negative side effects.

    Does it scare any of you to know that there isnt any knowledge as far as long term side effects are concerned?

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    ^Bump^ Also interested in some detailed studies.

    Here is the profile on Tren by Hooker:

    Look at the references at the bottom and that may point you in the right direction.

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    Rememebr that bodybuilder that swore by tren as the miracle steroid ? Then later in life he said it was a horrible mistake, right before he died a young death?

    HMmmmm i know it was posted about.

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    This was off meso probably not what your looking for.

    Was reading new articles yesterday and found this gem. Basically, they found that low estrogen (such as that from aromitization of testosterone ) vastly increases IGF. IGF is the main muscle growth mechanism in the body. It cause the satellite cells that hang around the muscle to fuse to the muscle, making the muscle ultimately bigger and stronger. Also, tren come close to doubling or tripling the IGF levels. Nandrolone , eq, etc maybe increase IGF 20-50% at most. So test (mainly because of estrogen formation) and tren is the nearly perfect muscle building combo.

    J Cell Physiol. 2004 Nov;201(2):181-9. Related Articles, Links

    IGF-I mRNA levels in bovine satellite cell cultures: effects of fusion and anabolic steroid treatment.

    Kamanga-Sollo E, Pampusch MS, Xi G, White ME, Hathaway MR, Dayton WR.

    BSC cultures were established from the semimembranosus muscles of steers and then treated for 48 h with various concentrations of E(2) or trenbolone ranging from 0.001 to 10 nM. IGF-I mRNA levels in proliferating BSC cultures were significantly increased at 0.01 (1.9-times control values, P < 0.02) and at 0.1, 1, and 10 nM E(2) (2.9-, 3.5-, and 3.5-times control values, respectively, P < 0.0001). Additionally both 1 and 10 nM trenbolone increased IGF-I mRNA levels to 1.7-times control values (P < 0.02).

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    Interesting reading... I have a hard time with tren , it makes me moody and sleep quality sux

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    bro, every time something goes wrong with me, i immediately freak out and start saying "god, i wish i had never done all those roids"...then i find out i'm okay, get proper treatment, etc...and then it's right back to the drawing board...i dont think there has ever been an "authoratative" study done on any roid that directly links it to someone's illness or death, if i'm wrong, please post...this guy that died, i'd love to read his medical charts, who knows what his problems were...JMO

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    Exactly....everyone jumps to conclusions on AAS use...the guys that have died from it were probly using more gear in one cycle than most of us will use in a lifetime...In the past peole just weren't smart enough to realize the bad sides from using too people are a little more concious about sides and tend to use whats thought to be safer dosages....we can die from alot of things and we all have are own choices to make in life...

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