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    Blood tests results BAD

    Everything was good except for my hemoglobin count, Dr. said that 12-14 is average and mine was 21. He said its the highest he has seen in a 34 year old. He explained it like this, he said a hemofeliak (sp?) is considered to be a bleeder, their blood does not clot, their counts are in the 6-8 range, he said I have the exact opposite problem, my blood is very thick borderline clotted! Said its the thickest blood he had personally ever seen. I am running 500 mg test e. and t3 thats it, what could be doing this? I am around 9% bf 6"1 and 205#s do cardio 4 time a week for 45 to 60 minutes each usually trail running. WTF could be causing this?

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    What is your diet like? Specifically saturated fats vs. healthy fats like flax/almonds/etc.


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