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Thread: Clen dosage

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    Clen dosage

    whats a good dosage of clenbuterol to use to get cuttup, just wanted your opinions... i trust you all over anyone thanks bros

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    I would say anything between 20mcg-140mcg IMO

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    basically as long as you can tolerate the sides...IE shakings, and all the other good stuff that come s along with it...but id say start off at 20mcgs and work your way up as the days go on...not going higher than 140 mcgs

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    question about 2 weeks on 2 weeks off

    do you start at 20mcgs and go up to 140, then back down to 20mcgs? or do u just increase the dose over a span of 2 weeks and then stop at 140? help...

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    Yes, gradually up, equally gradually down. Id do, 3 days 20mcg 3 days 40mcg 3 days 60mcg 3 days 80mcg 4 days 100mcg 3 days 80mcg 3 days 60mcg 3 days 40mcg 3days 20mcg. Up the dose slowley, when sides are present (I.E shakey hands) drop the dose appropriatly. Keep an eye on your body temperature to. Theres loads on info on clenbuterol . Try and read a few opinions. Its all down to how your body reacts and what your aims are. Remember tolerance builds up to clen so your best off doing 3 weeks on 3weeks off.

    Hope this helps,

    Its based on what I have read and what ill be doing,

    Cheers Tom

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    No need to taper off clen . You can stop cold. Beta2 receptors will come back after a couple of weeks off without tapering. Take Ephedrine for the 2 wks break.

    Or, you can just take Benadryl week 3 and stay on for a 6 wk cycle.

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