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Thread: Superdrol PCT

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    Superdrol PCT

    Can somebody tell me the cheapest way to get away with a PCT after a four week superdrol cycle?/ Thanks a lot

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    click the banner at the top right hand side of ur screen and order nolva and clomid, run 10mgs nolva throughout cycle and then start ur pct with nolva and clomid (nolva at 40mgs/ed=2wks 20mgs/ed=1-2wks and i run my clomid diff. than other ppl but this is usually how ppl do it 300first day 100mgs for 2wks or so then down to 50 to finish out ur pct, u should also be running some omegas 3 during cycle and throughout pct for lipid files and some howthorne berry extract... if u dont have the money to buy both WAIT.. if ur insistant on doing it atleats buy some nolva and run it the same way but instead of droping the dose to 20mgs/ed after 2wks keep it at 40mgs for all 4wks and get some trib to help boost test levels back up JMO good luck


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