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Thread: Zit Fit....

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    Zit Fit....

    i m in week 2 of 30mg dbol ed , 400mg deca and 500mg test e...
    goin ok so far but the zits have arrived... got them on my chest, arms, and legs... i have great benefits so was thinking of going to a dermatoligist to get a prescription med for it... any one ever use BenzaClyn lotion???

    or maybe something else that works well... i want to get a handle on this b4 it gets out of control....

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    I have used BenzaClin and it definitely helped with the oil on my skin, but my dermatologist told me that it does not prevent acne, it merely fights the symptoms (whatever that means). She prescribed retinea (sp?) to prevent acne. I did not have bad acne so I never used the retinea, only the BenzaClin and I had very good results.

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    try all these: benzol peroxide,tea tree oil,tanning,using dish washing soap on problem areas,proactive,B5,showerin after workouts,changin work out clothes regularly and if all these fail get some accutane.

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