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    guys i need your opinions...asap.

    well as i stated b4 in my previous post im purchased some prop and qv eq...

    right now im a bit iffy about the eq.. i realy wanted to try it badly. im currently taking 100 mg of prop eod.. wich is a total of 400 per week. the highest i ever went with test was 500 mg with sustanon .

    my question is.. should i just trade the eq for more prop and bump my dose to 150 mg eod to total up 600 mg of test per week.. or should i just trade in my qv eq for some underground eq and run it at 400 mg per week with 400 mg of test prop?.. its either one of those because its getting soo damn expensive i cannot afford to keep prop at 600 with eq in my cycle because pretty soon im planning on throwing in anavar and i dont want to be spending 1000 bucks lol.

    the results im looking for is cutting up and gaining lbm im also lookin for vascularity thats why i chose eq. and i hear its pretty good with var also.. yea my diet is in check everythings good. but i duno what to do with the eq and prop thing

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    i would run 500 mg week of prop and 400 mg week of eq. this should give you some good results

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