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    Question What shall I do?

    I am about to start taking Deca -Durabolin (inj.), Winstrol (Tablets), Testosterone Undecanoate(tabl.) and Clembuterol(tabl.). I am still looking for a job(in a business company) and I wonder if I might have problems after being hired and asked for a drug test. What kind of drug tests do business comapanies usually require? Could they eventually not hire me after finding out what I've been taking? j.
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    short answer to this is no

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    Long answer "nyet"

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    A longer answer is...

    Companies who do drug testing will normally use a 5 to 7 panel drug test. These piss tests look for a list of drugs, ranging from THC to Meth to LSD etc etc.

    It costs WAY more and takes a WAY more complex system of Lab Tests to determine the use of AS.

    Its not worth their time/money to run tests of AS, so they don't. Dont worry about it bro. Im on probation right now and am tested every week or so and pass with flying colors. I also smoke a bit of grass, so it could be the Ready Clean =)

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