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    Steroids from Vietnam or Thailand

    After reading a few posts I have decided to get my hands on some Turanabol (Tbol). My regular source doesn't have it as he doesn't have any UGL gear. But I have a friend in Thailand and my sister lives in Vietnam. What I was wondering if anyone knows if I can get Tbol in Thailand or Vietnam? I am guessing that Thailand will have it because I read they have BD stuff, but will Vietnam. Also does anyone have any experience shipping gear from Thailand or Vietnam? What might be the best way to go about getting this stuff to Canada?

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    O boy,I thought it bad enough having someone send from thai or vietnam but your trying to get it past cdn customs to boot?
    There are a few powder suppliers that carry the raw materials and ship to canada bro.I would look for those vs try to have someone inexperienced pack and ship it.Especially from either of those originating countries.

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    Canada Ehh...
    best way to get it in canada is to get a domestic source.
    you dont wanna **** with the border

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    I dont think they have BD in thailand this days

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    A package from Thailand will never make it through. Every Asian source I know tells me that Thailand packages get snagged in Canada customs.

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