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    Suggestions Needed 2nd Cycle

    I am beginning my 2nd cycle monday. All i have got so far is 10ccs Test Enantat 250, and 10ccs Test propionate 100mg. Equipoise 200 is coming in in a few weeks. How should i stack the two types of test to achieve the best possible gains. I am ordering more test by the way. Thx for the advice.

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    I suggest you wait till you have everything in your hands before u start.
    In the mean time do some research on your own and decide what's best for your goals.

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    take prop as a kick start then complete ur gear with test e

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    you will need more test e mate,if you are considerin runnin eq you have to run at least 400mg weekly(i would not run any less than 600mg)and it should not be run for anythin less than 12 weeks!you will not see any gains off it till week 8 at least,you will have to run around 500mg test e with that for 13 weeks,you can run the prop as a jump in the 1st 4 weeks.

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