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    please help with suspension

    Hi, suspension isnt used as much as other compounds so my researching hasn't gone as well as planned. So far, I'm helping to create a cycle for a guy playing football in approx. 8 weeks, only problem is the NCAA testing!
    Anyway, I use testerone suspension and oral turnibol as the two compounds of choice since the first has a detection rate of 3 days, and oral T isnt checked by the NCAA.

    Stats: 6'1 201 8%bf
    Goals: 6'1 210 ~8%bf, not looking for super mass gain, but good strength gains, especially in the legs for speed

    Week 1-6 test susp 100mg, 50mgEdx2
    week 1-4 Oral T 30mg, Ed
    week 1-6 Nolva 10mg Ed
    PCT- Nolva 10mg ED 2 weeks, slin injections PWO 10IU
    Clomid is banned so we cant use that = (

    please someone comment on this so i can know what to do! we are going to mexico this thursday to buy everything.

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    You need to up that pct dose to 40mg for 2 weeks the 20mg for 2 more, you can start the day after last shot


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