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    Test enthate under filled Bm labs from india??

    Their test is human grade comes in a 2ml bottle 250mg/ml... I always draw a perfect cc and when I take my next shot its always 3/4 a cc. The test enthates from icn were always over a 1/4 cc. The bm labs works great but I just wish they were short a 1/4 a cc.

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    You lose it in the pin itself..
    I would think there is 2 ml in each one

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    1/4ml is easy to spot so I would assume he is right. When you draw all of the oil in and bring it down to the 2ml line and see that it ends at the 1ml line you have 1 full ml. There won't be any in the needle at that point so if this is what you are doing and still only getting 3/4 of a ml in the next shot then it is underdosed and you should find a new product or source.

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