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    Best spot for injecting

    Does it matter where you injects yourself?

    Somebody told me you get better results from glute injection than anywhere else?

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    Its personal preference bro. Some like to shoot in the glutes as they find it the easiest, less painful place to inject. You can try the quads, tri's, traps, etc. See which YOU find best.

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    Glutes, Quads and Delts are the easiest/most pain free IMO

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    For me less painfull is the shoulders, but if you have little shoulders its prolly not a good idea to inject a 1.5 inch needle in there. Try the glutes if you have someone to help you. Or your thighs, thighs are fun to do cause you can actually poke around with a pin orso to feel where the non sensitive area's are. You should inject in such area . Mostly in the middle of your knee and hip.

    Eventually you will have to inject more and more area's, you will have to find out the "hard" way where you can inject or not. If you are afraid of hitting nerves, inject slowly, if you hit a nerve you just feel a little pinch. Don't pull the needle out just move it a little bit and inject next to the nerve.

    Never massage your area or work that body part out after injecting. It will only make it more sore. Just put a warm compress on it and relax.

    Hope this helps some
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