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Thread: cycle results

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    cycle results

    It's my first cycle. taking 400mg of test cyp. and 300 mg of deca -D. I'm in my third week now and hadn't had much results until the last five days, in which I've gained 8 pounds. Is it normal to have have these sudden bursts of weight or am I gonna gain weight at this speed for the rest of my cycle. I'm just scared I'm gonna gain to much 35-40lbs or something. I've been following a diet plan that I got off this website and I've been very strict in my lifting plan. I'm currently 6'3 236 lbs. Any comments would be appreciated.

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    I dont think u have to worry bout gaining 40 pounds. After PCT I would be quite shocked if u have even 30 left.. And you can control the amount u gain by eating ofcourse. No steroids can replace food, if you dont eat nuff you wont grow.

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