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    winny + prop shot- pain?

    i am thinking about my upcoming cycle of prop + winny and probably some b12 as well. Since I will be shooting my prop ed, i thought i might as well shoot the winny too. Will this be unbearable pain? I ran t-400 last cycle would the pain be worse than that? I am just curious because i could always just drink the winny, but would like to shoot it if the shot will be bearable. thanks

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    What type of winny and prop i have never used anything worse than t400 so i cant imagine the winny and prop being worse.

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    It won't be unbearable. It may be hurt for a few days or even a week or so but then the shots tend to ease up a bit. Ibuprofin has worked well for me in the past when post injection pain was almost unbearable. Is is water based winny?

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    cut in ur b12 with the shots, with a lil massage after it. shood b bearable if ur prone to prop pain....

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