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Thread: M1t And Pct??

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    Question M1t And Pct??

    hey guys, i have read about M1T, and i have found that it doesnt actually aromatize to estrogen. is there is no need for pct?? what would if any be a proper pct? i have a buddy that is scared of needles..loser

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    run clomid the stuff will shut you down

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    its very important to run PCT with M1T. Your friend shouldn't be worried about needles, he should be worried about gyno..

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    Yeah man, I cycled the sh1t along time ago and yes it noticeably shuts you down. I ended up switching over to tribulus afterwards and I felt better after about 2 weeks.

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    He's not a loser b/c he's afraid of needles, plus if he's your friend you should stand behind him regardless of his fears. As far as pct for M1T it's definetely not a bad idea. You'd be fine with an otc anti-aromatase/anti-e such as 6 oxo or 17 alpha oxo nolone. The 17 alpha you could actually stack with it for awsome pumps and less water retention. It has a pde-5 inhibitor which allows your body to maintain higher levels of nitric oxide. (ie awsome pumps) but either would be good for keeping endogenous test kickin and preventing water retention. By the way, you can still get gyno from progesterone which happens in a small %-age of people from M1T. But taking 20mgs a day for 4 weeks shouldn't be a problem, but if you're susceptible then who knows.

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