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    Question To juice or not to juice, that is the question

    I am in a fix; I would like to stay natural, but am tempted to juice. Are there any member on here that had there mind set on staying natural and then juiced. Do you regret it? When people ask if you’re natural, do you lie?

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    If you have to ask others to juice or not the answer is simple... not. Do not do it. I dont regret it as of now, and yes I lie to people as it is a punishable offense that carries prison time.

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    wish i would have waited, i'd be pushin for 300lbs right now instead of 275!

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    If you are uncertain you are not ready

    I would advise you to stay natural at this time

    If some time down the line you have done many months of research and are mentally ready to make that step then go for it

    But certainly don't use steroids if you are not ready to make a firm decision

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