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Thread: Reforvit B

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    Reforvit B

    i just recently got some reforvit B and i was wondering if it is better to inject or drink... what if either is better on the liver? thanks

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    Don't inject that dirty shit Bro! Drink it

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    i injected it for a little while, what can i say i was huge and strong as an ox, but it went away right at the discontinuation, bro i hope you run someting else with that crap.

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    Get some empty gelatin capsules... they can be had, the '00', for about 5 bucks per 100. That way you do not have to taste it... Also you can split your dosage and maybe you could get away with filling a few throughout the day, but if you do that I would refridgerate.

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    Drink it

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