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    missed injection

    This past weekend i was in Laconia for bike weekend and i missed my inj on sat. the last time i injected was last thursday AND IM injecting tonight instead of sat like i had planned. i know its not good but will i be fine as long as it dont happen again? ALSO, some shit happened up wthere and my ankle is all ****ed up so i cant work legs for a few weeks...i should be fine just hittin upper body for now right? my ankle is like the size of a soft ball right now, thats why im not working it until the sprain goes away.

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    lets be thinkin the most damage done was from the 100 beers u drank while u were there..probably feell and hurt ur ankle with a beer in ur hand..just jeliuos cause i wasnt there.. u will be fine but u still might try some leg extensions and curls with pad up high of off the ankle area to keep them pumped a little

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    i had my ankle sprained so bad I needed a cast in it...Could do legpresses even quite soon afterwards though.. If it doesnt hurt and u feel comfortable doin sumin its prolly ok..

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