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    take a look at this.. is it not strange ?

    I started win @ 50 mg ED (oral) and I also started using T3 150 mcg ED at the same time about a month ago. one week later I started with test E @ 700 mg EW ... togheter with 0,5 mg arimidex ED .My diet is in chek. And yesterday i was weghing my self and I thought that I loost at least 2 kg of fat. But guess what, I had put on 3 kgs !!!!!!
    How is this possible??? Im on minus at my kcal.
    I dont know if its fat or what it is.?
    I am eating 0.5 mg of arimidex everydag so I dont belive its water.

    I have used T3 before and at that time I was sweating like a freak on half the dose im using now. and I loost kgs so fast that I had to stop. ( I was also on tren and test at that time in higher doses then Im on now.)
    And I hadn't changed my diet anything at that time.

    Have any one heard of fake T3 ??

    Please give me advices...

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    maybe u have gained sum muscle.... usually happens on the gear.... maybe u shood research a lil more b4 u do ur next course.

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    what time of the day did you weigh yourself? weigh yourself periodically throughout the day to see how much weight is just water or food.

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    I always weigh my self in the morning after my morning cardio, before breakfast. same time evertime.0
    I dont belive I have gained 3 kg of muscle on 3-4 weeks... that could be possible if u add water to the weight. but Im on arimidex and allso EC and T3 ... And eating less than I need. eat 6-7 times a day mostley salad and protein and a small mount of carbs from rice and fruit.

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    If your pants are not tight and you look good in the mirror who gives a crap about the scale? Muscle weighs like 4X as much as fat, so consider it clean gains... up the cardio a bit and smaller portions of complex carbs, like brown rice-oats-yams, and salad.

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