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    Another clen Quesion! :P

    Started Clen yesterday and have a few questions (yes I searched the forums b4 posting but theres too many clen posts on here, I'd b hunting fordays :P)

    I started at 40 mcg, no shakes, sweats or other sides so I bumped it to 60 mcg today.

    Body Temperature...I've been monitoring mine to see if it changes and so far its actually below Normal *normal being 98 F or 37 C* Mines at 36 C...should I notice a difference?

    I keep reading different things, I plan on running this straight through with Benadryl on week 3, 6, 9. I read some ppl take it all at once and others dose it through out the one way better then the other? Already at 60 mcg and feel no sides at all (ventipulmin Pump) I know for some women its not recomended to take more then 100mcg, others can handle do I determine what mcg I'm good with? and when I determine this do I stick with this dose daily for the full cycle?

    I find I had WAY more energy off taking an ECA stack, I get to the gym and am all dopey, no energy or strength...

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    I need more information, and then I can answer this question. When are you taking your temperature? How are you taking it? Is that "normal" temperature yours, or "average" for humans? Whats your temp on clen ? Off?

    Basically, you take clen until you can't take the sides, or your BP goes over 140/90.

    Hook up some answers, and I can give you some help...maybe...

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    Clen sometimes reacts differently to women. Also IMO after you notice an increase in your body temp there is no need to up dosage. I was giving it to my wife and I wouldn't let her get above 100mcg per day. She also said she had no sides???? Maybe it wasnt working as we did not monitor temp. I personally start with 50 mcg 2 times daily. I also feel draggy when on Clen. I believe it is because your body is working 24/7 to burn fat.

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