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    Nolvadex Rebound?

    Will you always experience a rebound effect when getting off of nolvadex or is it like side effects and each person is different?

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    you would be better off using either proviron or better yet.....liquidex (arimdex) with nolva and then after. nolva doesnt stop the aromatization......only occupies receptors, hence when its stopped your body is flooded with free estrogen that was bound..........

    use proviron and/or liquidex and youll be fine!!


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    if you're not on nolva long enough then you will get a slight rebound because like unity said, you have a bunch of estrogen floating around unable to bind to their receptors because nolva has been occupying them and when nolva leaves the flood of estrogen binds again.

    you should never get off nolva that early to allow for this rebound. estrogen, like any other steroid molecule will clear the body naturally. keep the nolva in the body long enough to allow all the aromatized estrogen to clear the body before getting off the nolva to avoid this rebound.

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    just out of curiosity... what is the half-life and the length of estrogen in the body, i've been told its only a few hours?

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