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    Better to Stop Cycle or Continue??

    A close friend of mine who is currently on week 5 of a 12 week cycle recently had a very serious tragedy in his family. He consulted with me on what he should do regarding his cycle as he will likely be not able to hit the gym for a week or so dealing with funeral arrangements, travel, family, not to mention the shock of his tragedy.

    He initially thought that he should stop the cycle now and start PCT at the appropriate time based on half lifes.

    I actually suggested that he simply continue to take the shots during this period. I kind of thought that it did not make that much sense to start putting his body through the emotional roller coaster of coming off cycle facing this tragedy. I also thought if he missed a week in the gym, not all wouuld be lost. Actually he was compaining about his elbow being sore anyways. I told him it might do him some good to get out of the gym.

    I think he agreed and he was going to try and eat as good as he possibly could, but generally try and get his personal life fixed over the next week and then refocus back on the gym with vigor.

    I can't imagine that he will lose that much missing the gym for one week during his cycle.

    Any thoughts or comments?

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    a week won't hurt...just continue keeping levels constant.

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