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    Thigh Soooo sore -(

    Did my first shot ever yesterday consisting of 1cc enathate 1cc prop. Went well, shot didnt hurt to much at all did it around noon. When it came to around 9 at night just started aching and as time went on it ached more and more. Went to bed at like 11 and i swear i maybe slept like 2 hours. It felt like someone took a bat to my leg. The injection site was so sore and i even felt achy all down my leg to my knee. It feels a lil better now, but not all that great. Still hobling around especially up and down stairs. Is it the prop that does this cause i heard it is supposed to be painful. Is it gonna be like this every time i shoot?? Or did i do something wrong?? Next prop shot i was planning to do tommorow in my delt but jeez wouldnt be good if i cant move my arm. Then my enathate shot on friday in my other thigh. My job consists of alot of lifting and walking so hope i can walk by this weekend. Anything i can do to eez the pain or prevent it someone. I have a pretty high pain tolerance but jeez my whole quad feels like someone started going at it with a meat cleaver. And advice is appreciated. Supposed to train legs today dunno how im gonna do that as i can hardly walk.

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    I had something similar happen to me my first injection. Except I couldn't walk at all. Literally couldn't walk. It happens everytime I shoot test, no matter what ester or brand. I don't know why. I don't have any problems with any other injectables. Now I mix all of my test shots with sterile oil and the pain is all gone. Perhaps you should try the same.

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