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    please help a novice decide on a cycle

    i just finished my first year of law school. going in i was 7% body fat with a bench of 340 at 5'9" and 190 pounds. after a year of constant reading and studying, i am considerably out of shape and i have lost a lot of muscle. although i have a lot of experience and knowledge of bodybuilding and power lifting in general, i know little to nothing about steroids . i would like to do a cycle of only one drug to minimize the side effects. this is bc i have been prescribed adderal (a strong stimulant for attention deficit disorder) for about 8 years and i am careful about my heart. i know that it is impossible to gain muscle without also gaining fat since you need a surplus of calories to gain weight of any kind but i was thinking that by doing a cycle, i could gain muscle while at the same time not gain fat or, and i dont know if this is possible, gain muscle and actually lose fat. i am looking for an injectable steroid (since i am told they are less harmful to your body) that has minimal side effects above anything else. i was thinking deca , but one of my meathead buddies has a connection where he could get prettty much anything that someone could suggest. on deca, is it better to cycle other steroids at the end to avoid or minimize the catabolic state that will occur? finally, i have really bad rotator cuffs bc of bone spurs and i am always in pain and on the verge of tearing them. deca, i believe, would relieve that pain and maybe even strengthen the rotator cuff.

    any help would be much appreciated.

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    bro if you say your out of shape now steroid 's arn't going to help you

    get back on track get your diet sorted hit the gym

    and when your back to your peak the do steroid's

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    well, if u wanna run deca its suggested that u run test. with it. but if u only were to run 1 compound i would say test. e. 500mg/wk 12 weeks. but imo i think u should cut down the fat before u cycle. plus u should get ur body used to training again. if i were u train for atleast a year before thinking of squirtin.

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    Get in shape naturally for a while....

    Then do 500mg of Test EW

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    like he said, but more precisely, you would want to rehab that injury...yeah, Deca is purported to help joint injuries, but i still think you may want to put a few good months back in the gym first, get your diet in check (see Diet forum), and then hit the sauce, Deca included...just my opinion...


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