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Thread: test flu

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    test flu

    Has anyone ever gotten a "test flu"? I am wondering if I have it from this cycle I just started. I injected last saturday (4 days ago) and have been kinda sick ever since. I wake up feeling weak as hell and sometimes in the middle of the night. I feel as if I have a fever when I wake up, and I am feeling my worst late at night and early in the morning. Are these symptoms of a test flu? Also, would I get it so soon (4 days after 1st injection)? Or do you think its just coincidence and I am just ill.. but I have never really felt like this before, especially since it is so persistent and hasnt really gotten any better.

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    you will get better

    My first two cycles i got test flu more than once.......but it does go away, a warning sign for me was when i feel my muscles starting to get more sore than normal that's either a cold or test flu, either way you need to back off and rest a day or two, you should feel better..........Test flu can be a bitch

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    yes i did just got over my test flu a couple of weeks ago, i started to feel it like 2 days after my first shot of prop.

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    I usually get it week 2. Take vitamin C. I'll pass.

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