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    Question increase dose gradually or doesnt matter?

    i have enough tbol to take 40mg a day but i have heard people say 50mg a day is drastically different who knows
    if i start at 30mg/day for a week or two can i jump right up to 50mg for the rest or is that bad

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    I dont believe in increasing dosages...

    I believe you get results based on what you use. if you use 30mg then youll get results based on that, if you then increase it then youll get increased results.

    if you use the higher dose from the beginning then youll always get the increased results.

    It wont be bad for you because tbol leaves the system everyday... So its not like your overall levels will fluctuate. They come and go everyday, they arent a constant thing like an injectable ester is.

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    As I said in the other thread:

    Id do a shorter cycle with 50mg ED.

    Remember its oral, which means part of each consumption will be destroyed by the liver and never make it to your blood stream. Therefore the more days you take it the more overall destroyed amount...

    So if 5mg is destroyed on each consumtion, that means 30mg ED for 50 days will results in 250mg being destroyed.

    While 50mg ED for 30days would result in only 150mg being destroyed.

    Ya dig?

    (Though 30 days is border-line to short of a cycle, I was just giving an example.)

    This is the same reason you dont split up dosages but rather take it all at once.

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