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Thread: No desire

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    Unhappy No desire

    Hey guys, just a quick long does it take for the bodys test level to return to normal?...say coming off a 15 week cycle of deca 300/week-(week 1 to week 8) test 500/week(week 1 to week 15)??

    day 1 and 5 =2500 I.U...HCG
    day 1 to day 12 =100mg...clomid
    day 1 to day 20 =20mg...nolvadex

    Started PCT 6 weeks after last shot of test, because i couldn't my pct when i needed. I can get hard but it takes longer and more effort than pre cycle and no desire what so ever. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks

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    How long it takes to get your boys back to normal, is completly individual, some people will take a month or 2 some people will take alot longer, blood test are the only real way to know if they are back to 100%. How far are you into pct? Get viagra if your having a hard time getting wood.

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    well i saw on tv a doctor he is an expert on steroids works for WADA the international anti doping agency and he said that it takes months for the bodys hormonsystem to recover 100% up to 6 months.

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    I remember seeing an older study where they had given men between 200 and 400mg of test a week for several months. When they stopped, it took some of the men up to 7 months to completely recover their previous test levels. Note that this was with absolutely no PCT whatsoever so I would view 6 months as an upper bound for natural recovery. If you're using HCG , nolva, clomid, etc. recovery could be as short as 6 to 8 weeks.

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