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    wahts the longest test flu has lasted for you??

    I just started suspension and i have been feeling awful for th epast 5-7 days!! I a thinking maybe its the gear and not test flu...I have 100 degree fever off and on and huge headaches and stiffness/achiness throughout my body and a stiff neck. WHat you think? I am thinking about switching to prop, pluys these suspension shots hurt like hell! lumps up right after injection adn cant walk for many days.

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    about 5 day's for me

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    i dont have much to compare to since my 1st cycle but ive had bed sweats a few times..seems like the night after every shot i feel like chit in the know if this is the norm but its been ,makin me feel like chit throuout the whole cycle so ussally ok by afternoon till next shot that is ..not allota fun

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    48 hrs

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