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Thread: How long steril

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    How long steril

    Hi M8's,

    I'm mixing up my Sust with Test-E to shoot EOD.

    (sucking 1/2 ml in the syringe with sust, then 1/2 ml with test, same for the other syringe) I do use a separate needle for the sucking part, keep it in alcohol to have it serile. (I dont wat to inject myselve with a bend needle)

    I cap up the 2 syringes with the needle/cap, use one, and place the other in the fridge.

    Is it (after 48 hours) still serile enough?
    Should I use an other clean needle?
    should I sterilize the mix before using?

    Can I already prepare several injections like this and have them "ready" in the fridge?

    How long will they stay serile?

    needles to say that I wash my hands with desinfect soap + alcohol pads, desinfect all I touch with alcohol 70%, and working area is as clean as can be in a normal house.

    I have enough needles e.g. to start a hospital so that is not where the issue is.

    Just curious, how long does it stay "steril" and how do you make it steril again? (I heard to place it for 20 min in a 250c oven)

    IS it also wise to steralize the amps prior to opening?

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    well, if I got all this right here is my opinion:
    use one needel to suck up gear for one syringe, and toss it.
    use another to do the second. put a new needel on and store for injection.
    use it and toss it. only use a barell and needel once.
    I have stored up to 30 days in syringes. that does not mean it is a good idea, but I got away with it. I would not store it in the fridge. food is dirty. clean dark cool place is all that is needed

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    do u take test en eod or i didnt got it

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