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Thread: var price

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    var price

    a lot of hype recently about var versus adversion to it comes from price. however, powder and making your own caps is supposed to be a lot cheaper. how much would say...enough powder to run a 50mg ED 8 week cycle run you? I know it varies but what would be a decent median price. Also, how much of a bitch is it to cap your own. I thought about getting papervar, but again, o.t. is so much cheaper...

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    capping is easy... Get a cap'em quick and a good scale

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    Well, if you know how many mg are in a g it is very easy to figure out. If you don't know I will tell you...about 1000mg in 1g. So you need 50mg/ed for 8 weeks. I am going to assume a week has 7 days in it unless this has changed recently, in which case you can do your own calculation. So, that is 56 days at 50mg/ed - or 2800mg. Divide that buy 1000mg and you get 2.8g's. I'm not sure on a mean price for var powder, but lets say you can get 5g for 60 bucks. The capping machine is about 15-30 bucks depending on what you get and the gel caps are about 3-5 bucks per 100. The scale is about 50 bucks if you go with one that weighs to the .1g, a little more if you want it to weigh to the .01g. So I would say a mean price for your fist batch of var would be about 150 bucks, but remember next time you only need the powder and the caps, so it will be cheaper. Now, go find the products and start capping.
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