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    I Need To Tell My Friend What To Get For My First Cycle, Help?

    Well a friend of mine is heading to Mexico in a day, and I need to tell him what I want. I basically need a shopping list. I'm not doing the cycle 'til after an October NGA natural show, so I'm just getting it now, but I need to tell him what to get.
    I'm doing the novice cycle 1-1 from the main site, so test e, dbol , nolvadex and clomid are what I need. Should I worry about anything else? And it'd be very nice if someone told me what I should tell him to get me 'cause I don't know what dosages stuff comes in. (For instance, I'm gonna need 5,000 mg of test e, so do they make a 5,000 mg bottle or what?) make since?
    And I'm gonna need some clen too, how much will I need for PCT?

    Thanks, I know the question/s are a little vague, but I just basically am asking for a shopping list for this cycle if you were going to do it

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    Maybe Hcg just in case , trib ,

    clen for pct is 40mcg ED i believe

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