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    Need some help here please!

    Alright guys first off here is my cycle (started week 6 today)

    Weeks 1-4 Dbol 40mg/day
    Weeks 1-15 Test E 625 mg
    Weeks 1-14 EQ 400mg
    Weeks 5-14 Tren 150mg EOD

    I am only up about 5 pounds, and today I was a little weaker on shoulders than I was last week.

    I am currently taking in about 4500 calories a day, and roughly 300 grams of protein.

    What exactly can I be doing wrong? Should I up my calories and protein? Thanks.

    My stats are currently
    5' 7"
    202 lbs
    10.3% BF

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    about getting weaker on shoulders this may b for many reasons ex u didnt sleep well or dont have enough rest so how many days u train note that the body grows during the rest time

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    Up the calories/protein

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