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    1st cycle need help

    ok heres my deal, ive never done anykind of juice b4 and i play football. im a running back 5'11-6'0, 195lbs and i want to get to maybe 210lbs. i dont want to inject anything(i fear needles) and i dont want to lose my hair(I already take proscar) all i want to do is take 1 cycle make my gains and try to maintain them as best i can. i was thinkin winstrol but i heard its bad for joints and hair which is 2 things i cant afford to lose. could anyone help me

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    You need to get over your fear of needles. The best, most effective steroids come in shots.

    If you do anadrol or Dbol only you will lose most if not all of your gains quick. Injecting is really not that hard, you can do it!

    Whatever you decide to do make sure you read up on PCT.

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    Do some research on Anavar

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    Var, but I just can't help but to get down on you over your fear of needles. Are you telling me that you'd pass out? Cause that would be good enough reason not to, but it's a pretty reasonable thing to challenge that irrational fear...

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    1st winny will make u lose weight not 2 gain 2nd u must inject any sort of test

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