I posted part of this thread as a reply to someones question, but wanted a bit more feedback as theres loads people chatting away on here, is what happened to me just bad luck, bad timing or do you think it was the gear, I have done a few previous cycles (with the same gear) and I was fine, We got any Docs on here. Or even anyone whos had this happen to them.

I started a new course of Testex this Monday just gone, went home done my jab then went to the gym, just a normal day really, on my way home from the gym I was driviving along and I see a old mate in the local beer garden, thought to my self 1 beer cant hurt, so I had a pint and bought him one too, he felt obligied to buy me one back,. After 2 beers I hads the taste for it, We went on quite a heavy session consuming 10 - 12 beers (pints of Wifey) anyway, woke up groggy on tuesday morning thought I would just work it off, by wednesday afternoon I was in such a bad way I was taken to hospital where I was told I had a kidney and liver infection, the symptons were hurting to piss, constant headaches, no concentration what so ever, blurred vision, only have energy for about 3 hours a day, ratty, snappy, and flemmy cough, If anyone else has ever had anything like this I would like to hear about it. My geezer who gets my gear for me did warn me that this particular testex is as about savage as it comes.

I would appreciate you guys feedback.