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Thread: Almost there

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    Almost there

    I think im gettin better informed i just need help with a few more things. what is this pct. thing every keeps talkin about and what is the use of clomid? im thinkin of runnin a cycle of anavar but im not to sure if thats what i need. im looking to gain anywhere from 10-15lbs on somthin not to harsh because losing my hair is already a problem and im not even on anything yet? thanx in advance

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    Post Cycle Therapy . do a search.. you will get way more info than from people replying here bro

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    If you don't know pct, you're not ready for AS. Do more research first. Plus you need at least a good year or two of solid training and dieting. Know your AS before you put anything in your a#$. Go research steroid profiles. Has everything you need and shows you what cycles you can take.

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