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    Natural Testosterone Higher after a Cycle + PCT

    I wanted to ask you if you know if its possible that a manīs natural testosterone levels in serum get higher after a proper done cycle with pct because of the stimulation of anabolic hormone receptors.
    Thank you and waiting for some intelligent, scientifical answers that only you can provide.

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    well, first all, "intelligent" and the word "scientifical" do NOT go together...secondly, after any administration of exogenous test, hcg , etc., i have not seen any studies that suggest your natural levels will be any higher than before cycle...if your hypogonadal, then supplements like tribulus can raise your natural levels...


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    Not sure what you mean... But towards the end of PCT you should just be getting close to back to normal. Maybe even higher if you're taking trib and Long jack also.
    when you drop the nolva, clomid, trib, hcg , longjack, you should be back to nearly what u were before cycle.

    Just becuase you went on AAS and did proper PCT doens't mean it'll make your body naturally make MORE later w/o supplements or drugs. It actually may make you produce a little less...

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