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Thread: Dbol Experience

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    Dbol Disaster

    about 2 years ago, i did a 3 week cycle of dbol at around 20mg's every day. I know, it was very stupid, a friend of mine who is a bodybuilder advised me to do it. I trusted him and took it. Naturally, i got big, but i took no pct at the end cuz i didnt even know about it. I trusted my friend but i later realised he gave me some real bad advise. I lost all that i had gained and some extra. Up till i took the dbol, i had a good frame and had been working out for some time. I used to get good natural pumps at the gym and even though my diet was shitty, everytime i did a solid 3 month workout regime i gained good muscle.

    Ever since i took the dbol, my body has not been the same. I have been working out hard these last 2 yrs, trying to increase the weight on each workout, switching excercises around, takin breaks in case of over training, but i cant seem to be getting anywhere. I havent gained anything. I eat shit loads and yet i always feel hungry. I have had many blood tests but all my sings come out normal.

    i read in a post that some guy to deca only and lost the ability to get an erection. he later says that he only got it back once he did his next test cycle. maybe that's what i need. maybe i need to do a cycle to get my test levels back up seeing as though i did no pct with the dbol cycle and my body shut down hard. is it possible that my body was unable to get my test levels back up to normal?

    after 2 years of trying naturally, i am starting my SD cycle next week. I hope this works. i am not doing the SD just to get my levels back up, i decided to do the SD before i read about the guy and the deca. I just thought maybe the same thing happened to me with my test levels.

    anyone experience anything similar?
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    Canada Ehh...
    well you said your blood test came back good, so I would assume test levels were
    checked and ok. just because you eat lots does not mean you are eating thie right stuff. go to the diet forum and read the bulking sticky.
    if diet, trainning and rest are not dialed in, no amount of steroids will help.

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    diet was spot on....its been the same...i eat very healthy with sufficient amounts of calories from all 3 groups...protein, carbs and fat...i drink lots of water and take all my vitamins

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    i would try for a test only cycle...and do proper pct afterwards..all my cycles included test, and i have never had a problem with gaining mass aftewards. just a thought..and my 02 cents.

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