P.O. Boxes - If its registered under a fake name, this is probably the safest way to receive, only downside is if you do get caught, there is the whole identity fraud issue. If its registered in your name, that eliminates 95% of the anonymitty and value in having a ' PO box'. It literally takes a phone call and the info will be turned over. The only advatange in that case over a home addy, is that its harder for them to know when the pack will be picked up and by who. But the PO box does present some problems.

One of the major problems with a PO box is the postal employees. Especially if it is a smaller outlet, they will notice things, like quantity of packages shipped, incoming mail picked up etc. I will venture as far to say that a 'large' quantity of express shipping will catch their attention as well. A good way to attract less attention is to have other mail besides your express packages shipped to your box. There are plenty of websites where you can requests magazines,flyers, catalogues etc.

Another point I'd like to talk about is the ideal that Po Boxes are safer because you can access them at night. I disagree with this idea for the most part. The postal workers still put the package in your Po Box and if the cops are looking for a controlled delievery, 3am is great for them, usually not as busy as the daytime, would definetly be a lot easier to keep surveillance on you. The only potential benefeit I see in picking up a pack at night is that the postal workers wouldn't be able to see you, however many postal outlets have security cameras and if you do get seen picking up your package at 3am, it will definetly look a lot more suspicious then picking it up during the day.

As far as the name on the packages goes, as far as I know, you are allowed to have your packages mailed to whatever name you wish. I've asked CPost workers and they confirmed this for me. How many people do you think there are on EBAY who ship and receive packages addressed to "Fantastic Ebay Seller" etc. The reasoning behind this is simple, once you take physical possession of a package, you are legally in possession of it. Legally speaking, possession doesn't equal something actually being owned by you. This is LE's defense against you claiming, ' oh, thats not me of course '. Doesn't matter.

The other aspect of the name on the package again leads back to the postal employees. Especially, if your receiving a decent amount of mail to your box, having a different name on packages is definetly going to look a little strange. My suggesstion if your going to be receiving a decent amount of mail is to pick a business name and stick with the same name for all packs and no it doesn't have to be a registered business name. This also provides an explanation for the mail.

Couple things concerning packaging, make sure packages are weighted relative to the listed contents, if its listed as a "DVD' and its packed with gear and ends up weighing 2lbs, this will definetly raise suspicion. Remember, these people are handling packages for a living, they know what a DVD should feel like, weight wise. Also, even if it is domestic, all vials should be extensively wrapped, my suggestion would be to wrap pill bottles too. If you have ever handled a pack with loose bottles, you can easily hear and feel what it is. Don't assume that postal workers will simply not pay attention.

Remember, Postal employees are encouraged to report any suspicious packages to the postal inspector.

Be cautious, be aware and stay safe!

- R