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Thread: gyno or not?

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    gyno or not?

    sorry for the weird question,.. but i am just curious on what gyno actually is.. for a while now i have had a soft little ring going around my nipples when they are can see it a little only when my nips are soft....when there nippin hard,, they look like awesome chisseled pecs. and the ring goes this gyno,, or do i need to shed some bf? i would appreciate any help on what gyno would look like. thanks alot

    also what would get rid of this? thanks

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    It is not gyno man....... that is a common thing that many encounter... that is just fat that is around your nipple and can go away if you loose bf. If you had gyno you would feel your nipples hard and a you would have small lump under it...... especially when you turn on you bed you can feel it

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