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Thread: f**cking sick

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    f**cking sick

    alright guys heres the deal, just finished my 6th week
    im on a 15 weeker of prop 100 mg ed , eq 600 mg wk and im gonna start var at 60 mg last 7 weeks, im eating clean and was going for a clean bulker.
    i put 1lb on each week so i was up 6 lbs which i was happy with.

    all was going well until last thurs evening when all of a sudden i felt sick. was sick from thurs night until friday morning continously, then again all day fri, sat and sun, went to docs and i got food poisoning, today 9 tues is the first thing ive eat and kept down since thurs night. just got back 2 gym today as im feeling better , thought id weigh my self to see the damage and ive lost 7 lbs. thats 2lbs lighter then i first started , i m totally pis*ed off now.

    have any of you guys experienced any thing similar while on course , will my weight go staright back on ?????

    cheers for any advice

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    If you want u could really jump your cals up for a week to get youreself back on track. Thats about all u can do in situations like this...

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    same here.. i was on week 5 when i got food poisoning and lost 11 lbs in 4 days. took me 4 weeks to get it back..

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    I got sick on cycle last year (a lobster festival). Dropped 9 lbs in 2 days. All water, all came back. Just keep eating good.

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