I'm thinking about finishing my 9 month GH cycle with anavar to help with strength and vascularity. I have a few questions for the more experienced among us.

1) It seems that the recommended dose is 40mg ed. Is this a good dose for a first timer or should I start with less.

2) I've read that with anavar only you don't have to do PCT. This to me sounds stupid but I'm if it's not necessary please let me know.

And now the big one. Keep in mind that I've never done a cycle and finding information on this is a little tougher then the rest. I know that anavar will shut down you down and want to know more about this. Do you lose sex drive while on it or just after you stop. When they say lose drive, does that mean that you can't function. If so how long does this last.

I take GH and that helps the sex drive. Would I still experience a loss of sex drive while on GH.

Thanks for your time guys.