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    Fake Sustanon & Deca Help

    Hey guys, need your help. Just picked up a 10ml vile of Sustanon & a 10ml vile of Nandralone Decanoate from a friend and I want to be sure I've got the real deal before I introduce them to the syringe...

    Both bottles are from a Chinese company called Changchun Generics. These guys don't seem to have a website, but then hey we're talking about China here. (i mean that in the sense of censorship and weird internet laws).

    The oil in both 10ml viles appear to be the same color, however one appears to have a little bit more in it than the other. Both have "NOC 0182-0716-65" and "LOT: H-35420" and "EXP: 10-2010". Maybe this is normal, but it just seemed odd considering they're two different drugs.

    And for those buying steroids who don't know what they do(?!) it has a handly little message printed vertically on the end of the label that says "Genuine anabolic steriods made by Changchun Generics, China. The use of anabolic steroids will increase muscle mass and improve body strength. Seek professional advice before using this product" (yeah, thanks for that bit of useful info!)

    Both have a hologram on them.

    I mean, ok, they're supposedly generics so the labels will be similar.. but still, just want to be sure.

    Your help is much appreciated, however please refrain from "inject it and see" replies. Never been much of a gambler!


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    sorry bro i have never heard of them, why dont you get pics and post them in the correct ofrum and let PBB take a look, he always knows about this type of shit

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