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    stacking questions....please help

    just finished up my cycle of deca 300...8wks...gained 18 pounds...

    i am currently at 175....13.75 biceps, 35" waist....6'0.....

    just got off my pct 3 weeks ago and i just bought a 10ml vial of deca 300 and 2 10ml vials of test 250...

    i was going to do 1 shot of deca and 2 shots of test a week for 8 weeks....

    just how big am i going to get off this buddy told me i am going to swell up and just look bulky..of course..till i start cutting...

    my goal right now is 195 --- 8% b/f...

    i currently have about 15% b/f...

    i was wondering if it would be ok to do 1 shot of deca and 1 shot of test 250 a week and if so what days...the same day or should i go monday thursday???

    what kind of results should i expect to see if i just did 2 shots a week as apposed to 3...

    here is my diet...

    40g protein shake in 12oz milk A.M.
    1 bowl of quaker oats
    1 centrum complete
    1 super b complex
    grilled chicken breast 10am and 12 pm.
    1 can of tuna 4pm
    40g protein shake in 12oz milk 4pm
    workout 4:30---5:30 or 6...
    40g protein shake in milk 6pm
    1 can tuna 6pm
    1 bowl quaker oats 6pm
    and then a bag of rice or a chicken breast before bed....

    i eat more then this,,just in just my everyday diet that i do not miss...
    i get plenty of carbs...not to worried about the bulk right now,, i will start cutting in september.....

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    first, wait a little longer, go with equal time on as off (beginning from last day of PCT), next, test @ 500mg/wk and deca at 300mg would be optimal (and yes, if it's enanthate , twice a week injections are fine)...keep some adex on hand and monitor sides, run nolva/clomid PCT, finally, that diet is off, hit the Diet Forum and read the stickies...revamp your stuff, post it, and some bros will help you fine tune...a proper diet is gonna help you more than anything else, always remember that...peace


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