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    What if you took femera by it self? no estrogen =more test?

    What would happen if you took just femera?

    Would it raise test or help you lose bodyfat at all?

    If you do have slight gyno would it help clear things up at all?

    Thanks alot, sorry for all the questions.

    You information helps alot.

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    and Maybe

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    I have used letro on its own. It does help with gyno issues, but in my case, never completely got rid of it. It helps lower water retention too and help loose those "love handles" IMO.

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    I was prescribed letrozole by my doctor because I have all sorts of problems with over-aromatization - have been on it for 6 months @ 1mg per day.
    Test has increased 5-fold. Gyno remained and I had to go get the surgery. If it's been there for a while nothing will get rid of it except surgical excision.

    Sides are fairly harsh though, particularly the hot flushes and joint pains. Also kiss your sex-drive goodbye. You will still be able to get it up if you stimulate it, but you won't have the usual urge to have sex/masterbate.

    However, gains in the gym are much better than they were. Ditto vascularity and fat loss. Although strength is fairly ordinary.

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