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Thread: Heat my Gear!

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    Heat my Gear!

    I have heard many times that that people heat their gear before they inject, so my question is how to heat a 1ml vial of a given steroid , or even if I have a 10ml vial and I just want to heat 1ml of oil, and at what tempeture?

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    easy way is to just put in syringe and hold under hot/warm water for a lil bit.

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    dont put it in the syringe. the plastic will not allow the heat to transfer very easy. I put my bottle right into a inch or so of right hot water and let it sit while I shower and then when I get out I get everything ready and then put it into the syringe and inject asap. the glass bottle will allow the heat to transfer easier and the gear will get hotter that way. just make sure your water level isn't to high and the bottle is only half way in water.

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