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Thread: Oxytest 75

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    Question Oxytest 75

    Hi all, just purcased 3 multi shot bottles of OXYTEST 75 ( )which contains

    25mg Testosterone Base

    25mg Testosterone Propionate

    25mg Oxymetholone

    Now I was just wondering if anyone has had this before or have heard any reports on it. Please let me know as I wish to start my cycle next week.

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    whos it by?

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    oxytest is the bollocks

    I started using Oxytest at the start of last year. I had it from generic labs but in 10ml bottle. I doubled up with trenbolone . The strength increase was noticable in about a week to 10 days and visible increase in size in about 2 weeks. I was using 1ml oxy and 1ml tren twice a week. Now for the good bit!!! I started using oxytest again about 5 weeks ago but doubled it up with Duothate(trenbolone and testosterone ) highly reccomended. Not only did i need to buy a new wardrobe i over took my training partner in strengh. (Example) he benched 10kilo more than me, i am now 10kilo more than him. I would also reccomend 1 nolvodex per day. Also use HCG midway through the course and again a week after you finish then a last injection 2 weeks later. Many people say many things. This is not gospel but it worked for me.

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    NO UGL POSTING! Edit you post please.

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