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Thread: Deca questions

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    Deca questions

    One of my friends has a questions.... He wants to know if there would be a problem running deca for 2 weeks 600mg a week and for 2 weeks 900mg a week. has anyone ever done this? he will be taking test with it too.

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    um why? i don't think it will "kick in" till week 6 or 7

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    Deca should be run longer than 2 weeks my bro. Tell your friend to wait until he gets more deca and then run it at 300 to 600 mg for 10 weeks or so along with the test

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    he has a total of 3000 mgs of deca so im guessing its deca 300......that said why cant he run it at 300mgs/wk for 10 weeks and tell him to through in a little test or he will have trouble getting it up. Deca is a nandrolone not a testosterone so if he take only deca his body will shut down natural test production but he will have none of the bodys natural homone which is test.

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    Get more gear or else it's a waste.

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