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    how to use Ropel testosterone

    I have some Ropel testosterone how should it be taken how often?
    Is it ok to take by itself? any help would be apreciated thanks guys.

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    I'm considering trying Ropel myself sometime (In the not so far future)

    I know a guy who is on a cycle of Ropel at the moment.

    He injects 3 times a week (Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays)

    He's on a 16 week cycle and injects 5ml a day (375mg)
    I dont know how much he started off with and how he lowers op ups the dosages But I'm guessing he doesnt go on a 5ml injection from week 1 - 16

    But this is just to give you an I'm not encourageing you to do it this way.

    But the concentration is quite weak so you would most prob need to inject at least 2-3ml a day (In my humble opinion)

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    If i'm not mistaken, Ropel is enanthate so it only needs to be shot twice a week. Due to it's low concentration(75 mg) you're going to be shooting a lot of volume though. I would recommend using a different kind myself but since you already have it, yes it's fine by itself.
    This your first cycle?

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