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    Injections Goin Bad.....

    Ok... I am a beggining Steroid user... and i am starting a stack of Test E and Winstrol Depot.. But my main problem is that i have given injections in my ass, quads, and recently my delt... My Ass created a swelling cuz of test E a couple times but the first time i believe it was due to hitting a nerve then i chose to switch cheaks and did it wrong and once again i recieved a bump but this time no pain... so i decided to try once again the other cheak with the problem and this time no problems... But as soon as i started doin the winstrol i tried it on the cheak that sweeled the first time... Soo when i did the winstrol BAM instant discomfort with once again swelling.. (of course im freakin).. I was told by many reliable sources that it was no big deal cuz there was no redness or signes of infections.. soo i tried to shoot the Test E into my thigh and it went BEAUTIFULLY! no pain no nothing!... soo next one up again was the Winstrol soo i decide to keep on goin with the cycle of injection sites and next on the list was my delt.. Soo i used a 23 gauge pin - 0.6X25mm.. next thing i know its hurting like a bitttchhhh but i figure its normal since its a suspension blah blah blah whatever... Bottom line the shoulder swelled tooo.. Is this really bad?... What is Causing this?... How can i avoid it?... and am i in any danger if i fight the pain... or should i put a hold on my cycles?... I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me out with these questions based on what i said... P.S. the swelling stayed on my ass for acutally like a week or more but the pain goes away and theres no discomfort after like 2 days... THANKS

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    read your first post


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    Hey Miami, atending to your PM, here I am to say something, well Winny
    depot is good for spot growth IMO, I use to shot ALWAYS in my 2 heads
    of biceps where I can get good swellings in couple of hours after the shot
    this feeling is a little annoying but I love the swolen look I get in my biceps
    I also use it in triceps, I would recomend you to try those spot sites if you
    haven't done them yet, one good thing to do if you don't wanna have those
    swellings in your muscles is to draw 1ml more of bacteriostatic water and just
    split the shots in 2 where the swellings are not a big issue for you, I can't
    tell how bad it would be to shot this way (very diluited) in 2 shots bilateraly
    in the shoulders cuz I've never done this in other parts than my biceps and
    triceps but I assume this will make things easier for you, of course use this
    ONLY for winny, test enanthate can be done in 2 shots of 1/2 ml bilateraly
    it would become easier if you mix some deca or equipoise or something milder
    than enanthate and divide them like the winny shots, I used to mix it with
    deca giving me every time 2mls solutions and I shot 1ml in my left upper
    quad and the right side in the same muscle group never had problems with
    swellings this way and specially with this spot, if you use 25gs you won't even
    have blood coming out sometimes when you pull out the needle from you!!!
    One thing I would like to add is NEVER shot test enanthate in your quads'
    tear drops (the inner head right over the knees bone) cuz this will probably
    give you some really bad swellings that will keep you from walking perfectly
    for couple of days besides your tear drops will turn into a monster sized head
    and after the swellings are gone your tear drops will become hard and very
    dificult sometimes to workout, I dunno if it's just me but man I never had
    my tear drops again like before the shots, I hate them now since sometimes
    I have muscles cramps in those heads when I even expect, shit like this may
    happen if you shot even 1ml of test enant in them. Good luck, I hope this
    helps you out bro!

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