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    Ephedra and Beta 2 recep

    i know everyone is different but my ephedra seems to only work for about one and a half to two weeks without running the benadryl. Im guessing that some people have to recharge more than others. Give me some info on what you think

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    Maybe...humans have different abilities to handle various compounds, and tolerance to a sympathomimetic should be no different...

    Ephedrine is a Sympathomimetic; that is to say, it's simply a drug which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system via stimulation of various andrenergic receptors. There are two types of adrenergic receptors, alpha and beta, as well as various sub-types of each.

    The most well-known adrenoreceptors, are the ever-popular beta receptors. These receptors are all embedded in the cell's outer phospholipid membrane. Beta receptors can be divided into subtypes 1, 2, & 3, while their less popular cousins, the alpha receptors are broken into subtypes 1 & 2. Your Beta-1 receptors mobilize lipids while your beta 2's stimulate muscular heat production, and these are the most productive means of inducint lypolysis (fat loss). The stimulation of these 2 receptors also influence energy expenditure, substrate oxidation, and UCP3 (uncoupling protein 3), all in a way so as to induce further fat loss. BAT (Brown Adipose Tissue) is also stimulated to a degree, which may aid in lypolysis further, but this is really not as pronounced in humans as in lab rats and other animals with higher BAT stores (BAT contains all 3 beta-receptor types, by the way). Alpha receptors, which I will briefly touch on, are activated at lower catecholamine levels than are the beta receptors. Catecholamine is an organic compound (an amine, obviously) that affects the sympathetic nervous system. Dopamine, norepinephrine (noradrenaline) and epinephrine (adrenaline) are all catecholamines.

    Activation of the alpha2 receptor inhibits the release of norepinepherine. This is of course a “fight or flight” hormone…ever get nervous? If you’re like most people, you got physically agitated, started sweating, and lost your appetite. That’s your “fight or flight” horm ones at work.

    It is the differences in regional distribution of these receptors; the alpha2 and the beta receptors that seems to be responsible for a large part of the gender differences in body fat storage. Males have a noticeably greater alpha2 density in abdominals vs. women which contributes to our increased adipose storage there, but the main difference is caused by a higher lower-body alpha2 activity (expression) in women, as well as by beta receptors, which are more highly expressed in males. Women experience this same phenomenon in their butt/hips (as opposed to their abdominals) because they have a 3 quarter higher alpha2 binding in lower body adipose than men, and have a pronounced decreased energy expenditure in gluteal obesity vs. abdominal adipose. Men have this phenomenon in their abdominals, as we’ve already covered. Ever wonder why men and women carry fat differently? This is why.

    Now that we know what those receptors are and what they're doing, we can take a look at ephedrine:

    Ephedrine releases norepinephrine, which is basically very similar to adrenaline, your fight or flight hormone, which is an endogenous alpha agonist. Ephedrine first became popular in the 70's as the Danish "Elsinore Slimming Pill." Firstly, when you take ephedrine, your body temperature will rise. This is via stimulation of your Beta-2 receptor. This is a good thing, as it indicates more fuel being burned for energy. That’ll help you shed some of your subcutaneous body fat stores, and this is basically ephedrine’s main use in athletics. It is important to note that ephedrine is not a pure beta-2 other words, it isn't like clen , which is a very good fit for the beta 2 receptor site. Ephedrine fits relatively poorly into the Beta-2 receptor compared with clen, and has carry-over stimulation into the beta-1 as well as alpha receptors. It does, however reduce beta receptor sensitivity dramatically and quickly, and as stated earlier in this thread, that is the reason for it's decreased effectiveness over time.
    It’s other use in athletics and bodybuilding is for it’s stimulant properties…the stimulant effect of ephedrine will increase the contractile strength of skeletal muscle; for this reason ephedrine is commonly used by powerlifters and Olympic lifters. This ability too will decrease with the attenuation of your beta-receptors. It also helps many people focus, similar to caffeine, which many choose to take their ephedrine with. This stack, touted stack of ephedrine (25-50mg), caffeine (200-300mg) and aspirin (100mg) is shown to be extremely synergistic for fat loss. In this combination, the ephedrine and caffeine both act as notable thermogenic stimulants, while the added aspirin helps to inhibit lipogenesis by extending the duration of their effect, and blocking the incorporation of acetate into fatty acids. The best synergy is when the ephedrine/caffeine ratio is actually 1:10….any additional ephedrine or caffeine simply has an additive effect.
    Finally, Ephedrine also seems to slow gastric emptying, which is why it is very popular as an appetite suppressant....this property doesn't seem to diminish with prolonged use and receptor downgrade.

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    Hey hooker, I know this is an old post but what are the long term effects of ephedrine if takin for a long time but not overdosed?

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    Glad you did jinos awsome info here

    Your Beta-1 receptors mobilize lipids while your beta 2's stimulate muscular heat production
    If clen only stimulates the beta-2´s maybe you (in contrast to the comon belivef) should take some ephedrine to stimulate the beta-1 aswell during a diet???

    to answer your q jinos If you want to use it for a long time you should deffenetly cycle it, 2weeks on 2 weeks of or something...

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